5 Ways to Boost Your Gym’s Reopening

By Andras Kokai


Boost your gym's reopening by providing information about your gym as soon as they are available, keep the safety guidelines, target and motivate your climbers so they will not only go back to your gym but will become returning visitors.

How to Boost Your Gym and Maximize Efficiency After Covid


Here are five ways you can maximize your gym’s efficiency - and grow your business again - following the reopening of your gym after covid.

1. Communicate when will your climbing gym reopen


It is easy to forget that your climbers are not necessarily up to date with the latest local news and restrictions affecting your gym.


To update your climbers about the status of your gym, try communicating frequently and consistently. Try using all of your available social channels and websites.


Highlighting this information is recommended as a tagged post or a highlighted news so that your climbers will know exactly what is going on. Do not forget to stay consistent on all of your platforms. This may reduce the chance of getting lost between the channels.


Elevation Bouldering Gym uses their Google Business account to provide updates on the gyms status on a daily basis.

2. Distancing and regular sanitizing



To reduce risk and provide climbers a safe environment to go back to, many gyms have reacted instantly with new safety rules regarding distancing, regular sanitizing, and a reduced number of group training.


"Your climbers should receive useful branded content regarding opening schedules and information about the gym"

3. Targeted digital marketing


On one hand, your climbers should receive useful branded content regarding opening schedules and information about the gym. On the other hand, they are, most likely, receiving thousands of emails per day, so breaking through the noise is crucial in getting your words delivered.


One best practice to engage with your visitors is to personalize your campaigns and messages. Walls upgraded with Clift Climbing offer you insights into your climbers' habits and goals. This data helps you to not only target individuals but to provide them meaningful feedback about their climbing progression. Personalized offers and emails boost climbers' motivation level in going back to your gym as quickly as possible.

4. Organize digital competitions and challenges

Capacity restrictions should not limit the thrive of your gym’s community. Competitions and local leagues are the best ways to socialize in gyms.


As restrictions limit gym capacity and may deny all group events, it seems hard to organize events in your gym. To get over this many gyms have started streaming their competitions live on their social channels.


5. Motivate your climbers so they will visit again


Andras Kokai - Co-Founder

Clift Climbing


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